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Adaptability to change – Staying connected to life and love

As a professional – either in training or in the workplace – do you feel over-loaded or over-stimulated, that you have to either ‘toughen up’, ‘shut down’ or just ‘drop out’?

This is a common yet often unspoken experience of many professionals who deal with others in often highly sensitive and involving matters.

BUT if we don’t adapt to these challenges we can lose everything we’ve worked and strived for.

I’ve learned that to be effective and flourish, as a professional, I need to remain ‘in touch’ without becoming ‘overwhelmed’.

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In 2009 I was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to support my research into Actors’ Health and Wellbeing in the UK. The following is a link to my first video presentation after the research trip, presented at the Annual Conference of the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare. ENJOY!!

For a free download pdf of my Churchill Fellowship Report (2009) on Actor’s Health and Wellbeing, select the following link



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